The only bathroom suite I could find which was suitable for my purposes was made by Lenham Pottery, but unfortunately it was far too expensive for me.  I solved the problem by accepting commissions to make some 1/12th scale furniture to pay for it.  I think you will agree that it's the perfect suite for this house.

The bathroom mat was made for me by Melinda.  I needed some thin cork to top the bathroom stool, and solved this by soaking the backing off a coaster.  It worked perfectly.

The bathroom cabinet was recessed into the wall, I'm pleased that I've been able to replicate that.
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The smallest room, between the bathroom and the back bedroom.  In the original house plans, the bathroom and lavatory were meant to be in one larger room, but my parents preferred them to be separate.  In the photo above I've turned the lavatory sideways, so you can see it better.